Books by A.J. Griffiths-Jones

My first work, an autobiographical account of the life of Dr. Thomas Neill Cream, was published in May 2015. Since then, I've become a full-time author, creating a series of cosy mystery novels set in different decades, starting with the 1950s. My current projects include a series of children's books, a crime thriller and a unique recipe book. 

Black Sparrow

Two people, from two very different cultures and with two identical suitcases, are bound for Paris - with completely different intentions. 

One is a young Muslim woman taking the first steps of independence that will crush her traditional beliefs: the other a city gent with one last assignment before retiring to pastures new. But as surprising events unfold, their lives intertwine.

When a sinister twist brings them together, they will dictate each other's destinies...and only one of them can survive. 

Prisoner 4374

For more than a century, Dr. Thomas Neill Cream has been listed as a potential 'Jack the Ripper' suspect. Indeed, he was a sinister character, preying on the unfortunate souls who were forced to make a living as streetwalkers in Victorian London, and ultimately led those poor women to an untimely and torturous death. These crimes eventually branded him the 'Lambeth Poisoner.'

However, during the time of the heinous Ripper murders, Dr. Cream was incarcerated in Joliet Prison Illinois. Over the decades, this fact alone has caused debate as to whether or not he deserves to be under suspicion of being the Whitechapel fiend. Was it possible that Dr. Cream bribed his way out of jail? Perhaps he used a doppelganger to take his place whilst secretly finding a passage to England with murder in mind? 

This fascinating book, told from the standpoint of Cream himself, explains the twisted logic behind his actions. The author has done considerable & meticulous research, tracing Cream's life from his adolescent years in Canada to his last moment on the gallows at Newgate.

The Villagers

Nothing can prepare you for the secrets of 'The Villagers'.

Olive & Geoffrey are happier than ever. Having found an idyllic cottage, they are moving to the countryside to bring up their three young children. The residents of the chocolate box village are friendly and helpful, welcoming the family with open arms. 

But just as Olive is settling in and starting to integrate with the community, she discovers that all is not as it first seemed. Some of her neighbours are holding secrets, and as her discoveries become more and more sinister, Olive begins to fear for her own sanity. With her husband doubting her, Olive is faced with choices that will decide the fate of her family. 

The Seasiders

Available in Spanish (Los Costeros) & Italian (Gente di Mare)

This seaside town holds more secrets than you could ever imagine. 

Grace & Dick Thomas are the proud owners of the Sandybank Guest House, a pristine and popular establishment set in a prime location overlooking the beach. Tourists come and go all year round, taking advantage of the beautiful setting and their host's wonderful culinary skills.

However, it is the permanent residents of this pretty coastal town who cause net curtains to flutter and tongues to wag, with their myriad of secrets and tales to be told. Caught up in the midst, the Thomases live their lives regardless, checking guests in and checking guests out. 

But who holds the biggest secret of all? 

The Congregation

Available in Italian (La Congrega)

A bustling mining town in 1970s England awaits the arrival of their new vicar. People are not sure what to expect as the rather aloof Reverend Matthews descends upon his unfamiliar parish, but nevertheless he is welcomed with open arms and gathered into the flock.

However, on discovering a journal left by his predecessor, the clergyman soon begins to wonder what secrets lie behind the seemingly innocent lives of his congregation. The unexpected arrival of the Bishop causes the vicar to question his own past and a cloud descends upon his religious beliefs, causing chaos to both himself and the townsfolk residing just a stone's throw away. 

Written in an upbeat style, with dark humour and quirky characters, this novel is best savoured by the fire with a pot of tea. 

The Circus

The year is 1985, and O'Hare's Travelling Circus is touring the country, taking spectacular acts to enthralled audiences across the land. They have entertaining clowns, high-flying acrobats, a muscular strongman, a daredevil motorcycle stuntman and much, much more.

They also have Psychic Sheila, a resident fortune-teller and agony aunt, who stumbles through life one disastrous romantic interlude at a time. Of course, no close-knit group would be complete without its fair share of secrets, and who better to uncover them than Sheila, with her sixth-sense and natural nose for a good mystery. But, for some members of the clan, time is running out.....and the race to uncover the biggest secret of all is on.

This cosy mystery will have you laughing and crying in equal measure and might even prompt a visit to the circus. 

The Expats

In a leafy suburb of Shanghai lives Li Yang, a local employed by various foreign families to take care of their needs, whether it's cleaning, cooking or childcare.

It's the turn of the millenium and China is evolving. At the centre of the dynamic change is the vibrant hub of Shanghai, a melting pot of cultures & businesses, a place of luck, fortune & chance. In awe of the homes in which these strange people live, the housekeeper Li Yang gets to know the families who she's working with. 

What the Westerners don't know is that in addition to her unusual working life, Li Yang has a turbulent home life, with her own son beginning to hide things from her. Something is going on, but Li Yang just can't seem to work out what it is. As the clock ticks, will she be able to stop the impending events before she loses the one thing she loves most?